Hot Selling for Drawing Machine Wire - Continuous Drawing Machine – Fangrong

                                                 Model Technology parameter FR-300T FR-400T FR-600T FR-1000T
Max.Drawing force 3100KN 4000KN 6000KN 1000KN
Drawing Speed 0-4.5 m/min 0-5m/min 0-3 m/min 0-4m/min
Effective Lenght of Finished Pipe 1.5-9.5m 1.5-9.5m 1.5-9.5m 1.5-10
Drawn Range of Outer  Diamoter of Finished Pipe Ф60mm-Ф325mm Ф60mm-Ф426mm Ф150mm-Ф600mm Ф200mm-Ф720mm
Max.DrawnThickness of Finished Pipe 30mm 33mm 42mm 70mm
Main Oil Cylinder Ф450*Ф210*10000 Ф500*Ф220*10000 Ф630*Ф280*10000 Ф850*Ф350*Ф10000
Number of Systemic Station 2 sets 2 sets 2 sets 2sets
Working Pressure of System 26Map 26Map 26Map 26Map
Max. pressure of system 31.5 Mpa 31.5 Mpa 31.5 Mpa 31.5Mpa
Main OIl Pump(manuai variable piunger pump) 250/L 250/L 250/L 250/L
Main Motor 75KW*3 75KW*3 90KW*3 132KW*5
OutlineDimensions(W*H*L) 1.7*1.545.2m 1.9*1.845.7m 2.1*246.8m 2.55*2.65*62
Weight 120KG 180KG 220KG 300KG