Dongguan FangRong Precision Machine Industry Co., Ltd. established in 2000, is a joint venture with Taiwan factory which has 30 years experience and become Sole proprietorship on 2013. Our company is a professional manufacturer that integrates design, production and marketing.

For many years experiences, our machines quality and sales at the forefront. Market share of 90%. So far, our machinery has been exported to foreign countries including America, Mexico, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Algeria, Iran, Turkey, Argentina, Spain, Russia, Ukraine and others.

Main products contain End-of tube Shrinking Machine, Straightening Machine, Cold Drawing Machine, Thread Rolling Machine, Tapering Machine, Point Pusher Machine and others.

Horizontal precision straightening machine, it’s suitable for metal material (copper, aluminum, stainless steel, iron and steel tube and rod). Straightness ≤0.2mm/m. Develops two-roller and irregular straightening machine based on the horizontal straightening machine.

We also develop the supplementary equipment and the whole series of cold drawing machine. Cold drawing machine including chain type drawing machine, hydraulic type drawing machine, continuous drawing machine(combined drawing machine), full-automatic drawing machine, semi-automatic drawing machine, wire drawing machine, garland machine, pull-ray machine, drawing and cutting combined machine, shrinking and drawing machine, point pushing drawing machine, and others.

End-of tube shrinking machine including ball tyep shrinking machine, 4 molds hydraulic shrinking machine and 6 molds hydraulic shrinking machine.

Our gold is making professional and class equipment, first-class products, excellent service and and top-ranking innovation, to achieve product specialization, technical specialization, services specialization and team specialization. Our products are very popular in China and abroad through unremitting efforts by FangRong people; the prime quality and best service are fully recognized and accepted by customers around the world.