Factory supplied Heading Machine - Hydraulic Drawing Machine – Fangrong

Drawing length 1.5-7.5m 1.5-7.5m 1.5-9.5m
Tube diameter Ф30mm-Ф150mm Ф50mm-Ф219mm Ф50mm-Ф299mm
Tube Max. thickness 20mm 20mm 25mm
Main Oil Cylinder Ф260*Ф120*8000 Ф320*Ф150*8000 Ф360*Ф160*10000
Number of systemic station 2 sets 2 sets 2 sets
Working oil pump  50L 63L 63L
Max. pressure of system 31.5 Mpa 31.5 Mpa 31.5 Mpa
Main motor 50KW*2 55KW*3 55KW*3
Dimension(W*H*L) 1600*1400*30000mm 1600*1400*35000mm 1700*1500*45000mm
Weight(reference) 50KG 80KG 100KG